How to Drink Beer in Mandarin book cover.Interested in exploring China’s craft beer revolution? Get my new book!

As the largest beer-consuming nation in the world, foreign craft beer drinkers and brewers are captivated by China’s developing craft beer scene. For the first time, How to Drink Beer in Mandarin provides non-Chinese speakers with a useful tool to help them communicate about beer in Mandarin.


  • An English-Mandarin glossary with hundreds of craft beer terms.
  • An overview of the development and current state of China’s craft beer industry.
  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date list of China’s craft breweries & brewpubs.
  • An explanation of Chinese drinking etiquette.
  • What to expect at a brewpub in China, along with a list of useful Chinese phrases for interacting with staff.
  • Additional resources to help you prepare for travel to China, including a list of language and travel apps, visa information, and how to connect to Chinese social media networks.
  • A select bibliography of books and videos to inspire further study and travel.

With How to Drink Beer in Mandarin, it’s now possible for craft beer aficionados and business travellers to navigate China’s emerging craft beer revolution without having to be fluent in Chinese. Let your journey of a thousand li begun with a single pint!

“A fun and informative reference book for anyone wishing to explore the quickly-emerging culture of craft brewing in China.”

Keith Lemcke
Vice-President, Siebel Institute of Technology

“An indispensable tool for both novices to the Chinese craft beer scene and those already familiar with its landscape. In How To Drink Beer in Mandarin Rick Green has given us a much needed beachhead into the fascinating and ever-changing world of Chinese craft beer. I, for one, can’t wait to use it on my next trip to the Middle Kingdom.”

Carlos Mendes (BC Beer Law)
beer industry lawyer, writer, educator

How to Drink Beer in Mandarin book cover.How to Drink Beer in Mandarin
An English-Chinese Craft Beer Glossary

by Rick Green
Nonfiction » Reference » Foreign languages
Nonfiction » Travel » Phrasebooks
Published: February 15, 2016
Words: 13,480
Language: English, Chinese
ISBN: 9780994962003
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